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Our Church

 In the early 20's, an Assembly of God Church was located at the Northeast corner of 4th and Connelly streets. Because of financial difficulties it became a Free Pentecostal Mission with the property owned by Mrs. George Janes, of Roswell

About 1930 desire was expressed for an organized church with distribution of responsibilities and a regular pastor. Rev. A. C. Bates came to Clovis and rented a dwelling for church services and parsonage.
Later Rev. Bates and the congregation rented a brick store building at West Grand and Connelly streets.
In the summer of 1933 a lot was leased and a wood tabernacle was erected. The first service was held June 9, 1933, with Rev. Bill Lewis, a Bible school student

In 1937, Rev. Roy Stewart began as pastor, and he remained in that position for 16 years. During that time, in 1939 or 1940, a lot was purchased at 4th and Hinkle streets where a building was erected by donated labor of the pastor and congregation
On Saturday, November 19, 1949, after the annex was completed, the church was decorated for the first homecoring. On that afternoon, fire broke out and totally destroyed the building

The Central Baptist Church permitted the congregation to use the basement of their church for Sunday School and Worship. The First Assembly of God Church then purchased the building at 6th and Mitchell streets from the Central Baptist congregation when they moved to their new location.

Rev. Paul Savage, Rev. C. D. Holley, and Rev. Eugene McClain followed as pastors. In 1959, under the leadership of Rev. McClain property was secured on 21st Street. Our present building was then erected in 1959, along with a brick parsonage at the corner of John Doe and Thornton streets.
Rev. McClain accepted the pastorage of the First Assembly of God Church in Alamogordo in June, 1962, at which time Rev. Melvin Sasse became our pastor. Rev. Sasse served us well for 13 years.

He led us into a great spirtual growth for the entire Church. In 1975 Rev. Sasse resigned the pastorage to do evangelistic work. At that time Rev. Winfred Mack was elected pastor and served about a year Rev. J.M. Barnard became the pastor in November of 1976 and served as pastor for nearly two decades. With his leadership the Family Activity Center Gym was constructed. A new west entrance and east entrance have been added.

Rev. Mike Eddy became pastor from 1997 to 1999 and Rev. Terry Bell pastored from 1999 - 2002. Rev. Rodney Shipman became pastor from 2003 - 2009 and the name was changed to New Life Assembly of God in 2004. Rev. Scott Caldwell followed as pastors from 2010 - 2017 and in October of 2017 Dean Williamson and wife Susan became the pastors.

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